Monday, September 24, 2007

"News" Scenes Finally Filmed

Last night, the "News" sequences were finally filmed, thus completing principal photography (Yay!) on the New Untitled Film. My friends Stephen Wade and Warren Travasso (who I have filmed before - see BAD SUSHI) played the two news anchors. The footage looks good - plain, simple, understandable - and will cut together well with the statements from Superintendent Shelly and Henry Smythe.

The final decision on the name of the news was made. It will be Canadian. "CBC World News" gives us the international flavour we are looking for! I'll pop some of it up here once I've cut it together.

As I am going to Korea at the end of next month, I will be doing the majority of editing there. I am still waiting for the tapes with the raw footage to arrive - I sent them to me from England and have yet to get here. Stay tuned for more...

1 comment:

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